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Rwanda: Floods and Landslides - Apr 2015

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On 3 April 2015, heavy rainfall caused flooding and landslides in Nyamasheke and Rubavu districts in Rwanda's Western Province. The Rwanda Red Cross Society estimated that 3,425 people (685 households) had been affected; and were being accommodated in nearby communities after their homes were damaged. It has been reported that 206 hectares of crops were inundated, and household items washed away. In addition, water supply and sanitation infrastructures was flooded, increasing the risk of water and airborne diseases. (IFRC, 21 April 2015)

The operation has been duly completed and this preliminary report is issued in advance of the final report, which is pending the reimbursement of costs related to items that were procured without the agreement of the DREF appeal manager, or have not been distributed; and have since been pre-positioned, which is not eligible under the DREF guidelines. The final report will therefore be made available in the coming month as soon as these financial matters have been clarified. (IFRC Preliminary Final Report, 30 Sep 2015)