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Somalia: Floods - Apr 2015

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Somalia's seasonal Gu rains started in April 2015 in most southern and central regions and in late March in northern parts of the country, causing localized flooding which had displaced 16,000 people by 25 May. In Lower and Middle Shabelle regions, the floods were caused by high water levels in the upper stream of Shabelle river and led to the displacement of 13,500 people, while flash floods due to heavy rains in Gaalkacyo in Mudug region displaced 2,700 people. The floods have also destroyed about 6,800 hectares of farmland. (OCHA, 25 May 2015)

According to the FAO’s Somalia Water and Land Information Management, (SWALIM), the Gu main rainy season (April-June) began in late March and ended in early May in many parts of the north and southern and central regions of Somalia. Most parts of the country received normal to above normal rainfall, which led to improved water availability and pasture growth, especially for pastoral and agro-pastoral dependent households. However, some places recorded significantly below normal rains. (OCHA, 16 Jul 2015)