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Typhoon Maysak - Mar 2015

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Typhoon Maysak made landfall on Micronesia's Chuuk islands on 29 Mar 2015 and on Yap islands on 20 Mar and 1 Apr, causing substantial damages and prompting both Governors and the President to declare a state of emergency.(Govt, 2 Apr 2015) Following rapid needs assessments in Chuuk's state capital of Weno, it has been estimated that between 60 to 80 per cent houses are badly damaged, with over 800 homes destroyed and more than 6,000 people displaced and taking refuge with relatives or in over-crowded emergency shelters. The population of Chuuk is highly reliant on subsistence farming, and reports of 90 per cent damage to crops has left many with no alternative food sources. Yap's Ulithi Atoll took the most direct hit from the typhoon, with the majority of homes destroyed and reports of significant and widespread damage to crops and infrastructure as well as possible contamination of food and water sources. (IFRC, 4 Apr 2015)

Typhoon Maysak (known locally as Chedeng) weakened into a tropical storm as it made landfall in the coastal municipality of Dinapigue, Isabela province in the Philippines' northern Luzon in the early morning of 5 Apr, affecting 2,800 people in Isabela and Aurora provinces. All public storm warning signals were lifted on 5 Apr and 2,140 people that had pre-emptively evacuated were allowed to return to their homes. (OCHA, 5 Apr 2015)