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Tropical Cyclone Pam - Mar 2015

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Tropical Cyclone
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Severe Tropical Cyclone Pam struck Vanuatu as an extremely destructive category 5 cyclone on the evening of 13 Mar 2015, causing serious damage to infrastructure and leaving debris strewn across the capital. (OCHA, 15 Mar 2015)

The archipelago, consisting of more than 80 islands with a population of approximately 270,000 people, suffered widespread damage across all of its six provinces – Torba, Sanma, Penama, Malampa, Shefa, and Tafea. Tropical Cyclone Pam’s eye passed close to Efate Island in Shefa Province, where the capital Port Vila is located, with winds at around 250 km/hr and gusts peaking at 320 km/hr. A total of 166,600 people were estimated to have been affected by the cyclone – more than half the country’s population. Shefa and Tafea were the hardest hit provinces. In Erromango Island, up to 90 per cent of shelters were wiped out, whilst in Tanna Island 50 per cent of shelters were destroyed. Food stocks were also destroyed and water sources destroyed or contaminated. Estimates were that 95 per cent of crops were destroyed in the affected areas, leaving communities food insecure. (UNDAC, 4 Apr 2015)

The Prime Minister of Vanuatu and the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Vanuatu launched a humanitarian response Flash Appeal on 24 March...The Flash Appeal seeks US$29.9 million to ensure that initial support provided by the Government, donors and humanitarian partners can be sustained to cover the needs of affected people until 24 June 2015. (OCHA, 24 Mar 2015)