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Tanzania: Hail Storms - Mar 2015

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On 3 Mar 2015, hail storms accompanied by strong winds and heavy rainfall hit the villages of Mwakata, Magung’unhwa and Nhumbi in Msalala district, in Tanzania's northwestern Shinyanga region, killing 47 people. According to the Tanzania Red Cross Society, up to 5,000 people have been affected, including 3,500 people who were displaced after the storms damaged or destroyed 634 houses. The regional authorities ordered temporary closure of two primary schools in order to provide temporary accommodation to over 500 people, with others hosted by relatives and friends. (IFRC, 10 Mar 2015)

Since early April 2015, pre-election tension and violence in neighbouring Burundi has caused thousands of refugees to cross into Tanzania seeking protection and assistance. On 20 May 2015, the IFRC launched an Emergency Appeal to support the TRCS respond to needs of the affected population, and is involving the National Society at all levels. This Operations Update is requesting an extension of the operation timeframe by an additional 2 weeks; in order to complete the ODK training, and conduct a beneficiary satisfaction survey. It is intended that this will help to alleviate the pressures on the TRCS during this busy period, and enable a better outcome from the mission. The DREF operation will therefore be completed by 14 July 2015, and a final report will be made available by 14 October 2015 (3 months after the end of the operation). (IFRC, 16 June 2015)