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Afghanistan: Avalanches, Floods and Landslides - Feb 2015

Types de catastrophes
Avalanche de neige
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As 5 Apr 2015, an estimated 8,827 families had been affected by floods, rain, heavy snow and avalanches in 137 districts in 24 provinces since 1 Feb. A total of 291 people were killed and 96 people were injured. 1,454 houses were completely destroyed and 7,119 houses were damaged. (OCHA, 5 Apr 2015)

On 28 Apr, a landslide buried the remote village of Jerow-Bala in the Khwahan district of Badakhshan province, killing 52 people, mostly women and children, and leaving 237 families without shelter. (OCHA, 30 Apr 2015)