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Mozambique/Malawi: Cholera Outbreak - Feb 2015

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A cholera outbreak in Mozambique started on 25 Dec 2014 and was officially declared on 27 Jan 2015 (IFRC, 20 Feb 2015). The outbreak was exacerbated by extensive flooding starting in January 2015. As of 22 Feb, a total of 3,478 cholera cases had been recorded, with a death toll of 37. New cases continue to be reported in the provinces of Nampula, Niassa and Tete. (OCHA, 23 Feb 2015) By 5 Mar, 5,118 cases, including 43 deaths, had been recorded. The situation was most severe in Tete Province. (OCHA, 5 Mar 2015) By 8 Apr, 7,780 cases and 59 deaths had been reported. Since 29 Mar, no new cases had been reported in the previously most affected province of Tete, where CERF funds supported the response. Zambezia Province continued to experience a surge in new cases. (OCHA, 8 Apr 2015)

On 13 Feb, the first confirmed case of cholera was registered in Malawi, adjacent to Mozambique. By 5 Mar, 60 cases, including two deaths, had been reported; all were related to the outbreak in Tete Province, Mozambique. (OCHA, 5 Mar 2015) By 8 Apr, 329 cases had been confirmed, with the districts of Chikwawa and Nsanje the most affected (OCHA, 8 Apr 2015). Between 8-15 Apr, 96 new cholera cases were reported - the highest number per week since the outbreak began, which continues to spread to new areas. (OCHA, 16 Apr 2015)

In Zimbabwe, 11 cases of cholera had been confirmed since late Feb 2015, with six cases in Mudzi district, bordering Mozambique (OCHA, 5 Mar 2015). As of 8 Apr, no new cases had been reported since 25 Mar, and the total number of confirmed cases remained at 15 (OCHA, 8 Apr 2015).

Significant cholera outbreaks were recorded in Malawi and Mozambique, as well as smaller outbreaks in Zimbabwe and Tanzania. As of 18 May, Mozambique had registered 8,835 cholera cases with 65 deaths; and as of 24 May, Malawi had registered 675 cases and 11 deaths. Both countries are experiencing a decrease in the number of new cases being reported. (OCHA, 1 Jun 2015)

Malawi -- The cholera outbreak which was confirmed in Nsanje on 11th February 2015 appears to be reaching the tail end with no new cholera cases being reported during the week of 15-21 June. Cumulatively, a total of 693 cases with 11 deaths have been registered in 8 districts representing a case fatality rate of 1.6%. Blantyre district has not registered any new case for one week; Chikwawa has not registered any new case for a period of two weeks; and in Nsanje no new case has been reported for 6 weeks. Nsanje, Chikwawa and Blantyre, accounting for 96 % of all reported cases, are the districts that have been worst affected in this cholera outbreak having registered a total of 664 cases. (UNICEF, 25 Jun 2015)

Malawi - 693 Cholera cases reported, 0 cases reported in the month of July. (UNICEF, 5 Aug 2015)