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South-Eastern Europe: Floods - Feb 2015

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Types de catastrophes

Heavy rainfall starting at the beginning of February 2015 caused major flooding in the southern and south-eastern parts of Albania. Some 42,000 people were affected, and houses were damaged, around 3,500 heads of livestock killed, and 17,000 acres of farm land flooded. The Albanian Government declared a state of emergency for the worst affected areas. (IFRC, 6 Feb 2015) Bulgaria and Greece were hit by flooding as well.

In The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia heavy rains and snow melt caused severe flooding the eastern region of the country. According to national authorities, 170,000 people were affected. (ECHO, 6 Feb 2015)

All planned activities have been successfully implemented. The foreseen items were procured and distributed according to the plan. The stock reserves used for the operation were replenished. The supported population was really satisfied with the efforts of the Red Cross Society of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia for covering their immediate needs. The additional financial contributions raised in the country helped the population to compensate for some of the damage and to use the money for repairing of the houses and for cleaning the fields. The DREF operation was finalized within the envisaged timeframe. (IFRC Final Report, 4 Sep 2015)