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Cabo Verde: Fogo Volcano - Nov 2014

Cabo Verde
Tipos de desastres

A volcano eruption in Fogo Island, Cabo Verde, began on 23 Nov 2014, affecting the people living in Chã das Caldeiras, the volcano crater area. An estimated 1,000 people have been evacuated from the area, of which 838 have been relocated in temporary accommodation centres and in houses built in the aftermath of the 1995 eruption. The affected people are a predominantly rural community, whose subsistence depends largely, if not solely, on agriculture and livestock. As of 8 Dec, lava had destroyed 90 buildings, including the national park headquarters, wine production facilities, a primary school and a hotel, as well as more than 429 hectares of land, resulting in great material and economic loss and leaving many without a source of income. (UN, 8 Dec 2014) As of 23 Dec, volcanic activity continued with lava flow, small explosions, gases and ashes. Around 444 hectares of land had been destroyed, including agricultural fields and the communities of Portela and Bangaeira. (UN, 23 Dec 2014)

The volcano continued to erupt and at the end of January 2015, smoke was still observed coming out of the volcano. The lava flows had destroyed 230 buildings, including homes and public infrastructure. As of 6 Feb, 1,076 people had been displaced, 944 people of which were settled in temporary shelter confinements and a public school. Volcanic activity remains a risk and could possibly affect more of the island’s population. (IFRC, 13 Feb 2015)