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Somalia: Floods - Oct 2014

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In October 2014, heavy rains in south-central Somalia and in upper parts of the Shabelle basin in the Somali-Ethiopian border, caused flooding along both the Shabelle and Juba Rivers. The worst-hit areas were along the Shabelle River: Beledweyne in Hiraan region, and in the Middle Shabelle region, where there were some river breakages. Along the Juba River, Dolo in Gedo region, and Jilib and Jamame in Lower Juba were affected. Xudur in Bakool region also experienced heavy rains. Although there were no reports of the total number of people affected, around 2,500 in Beledweyne were displaced from Kooshin and Hawo Tako and were in need of humanitarian assistance. (ACAPS, 30 Oct 2014)