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Solomon Islands: Measles Outbreak - Sep 2014

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On 23 Jul 2014, WHO issued a health alert for a suspected measles outbreak in the Solomon Islands (WHO, 23 Jul 2014). By the end of August, over 600 cases had been reported, including two measles-related deaths. On 1 Sep a mass measles vaccination campaign to target all children aged 6 months to 30 years was launched. (WHO, 1 Sep 2014)

By 7 Sep, the number of cases had increased to 953, with 436 new cases in the previous week (WHO, 8 Sep 2014).

By 5 Oct, 3,802 cases, including seven deaths, had been reported. Cases were now being reported from all ten provinces. Cases decreased in both Honiara and Guadalcanal Provinces, but were increasing in the other provinces. (WHO, 16 Oct 2014)

By 9 Nov, 4,563 cases, including nine deaths, had been reported. The number of new cases has decreased in both Honiara and Guadalcanal Provinces, and appears to be declining in the other provinces. As of 24 Nov, the national Measles Rubella campaign coverage is at 97 per cent, which is above the target of 95 per cent. However, 18 out of 47 zones are below the target. A mop-up campaign will be conducted in all zones with coverage below 95 per cent. (WHO, 26 Nov 2014)

As of 15 Jan 2015, there is a decline in the number of cases reported by most of the provinces excluding Western province, which still report a few sporadic cases (number of cases are still low). All provinces have completed their vaccination campaigns for 6 months to 30 years of age from 19 Dec 2014. (WHO, 16 Jan 2015)