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Niger: Floods - Aug 2014

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Ongoing heavy seasonal rainfall has caused flooding in several parts of Niger in August 2014. As of 21 Aug, more than 36,400 people had been affected according to the Government, and 18 deaths had been reported. Tillabéry was the most affected region, followed by Dosso, Maradi and Tahoua. By this time last year, around 24,000 people had been affected by flooding - the number had increased to over 61,000 by the end of August 2013. (OCHA, 21 Aug 2014)

As of 5 Sep, almost 60,000 people had been affected, and 38 deaths had been recorded. More than 4,700 houses had been destroyed. (OCHA, 5 Sep 2014)

By October, the number of affected people had increased to 68,483 and more than 8,100 houses had been destroyed (OCHA, 3 Oct 2014).