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Typhoon Rammasun - Jul 2014

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Typhoon Rammasun (locally known as Glenda) made landfall over Lapu-Lapu in Albay province in the eastern Philippines in the late afternoon of 15 Jul 2014. It crossed the Northern Capital Region area the following morning, impacting the Metro Manila area with strong winds and heavy rain, causing power outages and interrupting telecommunication lines. (IFRC, 16 Jul 2014)

The strongest typhoon to hit Philippines so far in 2014, Rammasun killed some 100 people, destroyed more than 100,000 houses and damaged 400,000 others. Half a million people were displaced and more than more than 27,000 people were housed in 108 evacuation evacuation centres. (IFRC, 4 Aug 2014)

Rammasun made landfall as a Super Typhoon on China's Hainan island on 18 Jul, the strongest typhoon to hit south China since 1973. As of 23 Jul, the death toll stood at 46, and 37,000 houses were destroyed. (IFRC, 23 Jul 2014)

In Viet Nam, extreme weather caused by Typhoon Rammasun killed 27 people, with the storm unleashing flash floods, landslides and lightning strikes. The storm wreaked havoc across more than 4,200 ha of food and rice crops, and caused more than 750 houses to collapse. Almost 6,000 other properties were inundated and 110 power lines were destroyed. (Viet Nam News, 23 Jul 2014)

In Thailand, the typhoon caused torrential rainfall in the northeast, with Yasothon province the most-affected. Water levels along several canals increased drastically, overflowing the banks and inundating 500 rais of rice fields. (Govt. of Thailand, 21 Jul 2014)