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Tajikistan: Floods and Landslides - Apr 2014

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Already vulnerable communities in rural areas of Tajikistan were subjected to a series of floods, mudflows and mudslides between 11 Apr and mid-May 2014 (OCHA, 30 Jun 2014).

Heavy rains on 11-12 Apr caused floods and landslides in Vose, Shurobod, and Hamadony districts and in Kulob city in the south of Tajikistan, killing 15 people and affecting 427 families according to preliminary assessments. Six houses were totally destroyed and many others were severely damaged. Storage buildings, stocks for cooking/heating (e.g. firewood), cooking utensils and bedding/clothes of the most affected households were damaged or destroyed and 301 heads of livestock were lost. One medical center and 80 hectares of land were also affected. Vegetable gardens of the most affected households and crop fields were covered in mud. 280 displaced people (mainly children and women), have been relocated from the most affected communities due to the risk of mudflows/landslides to the boarding school. (IFRC, 18 Apr 2014)

On 16 Apr, heavy rains and hailstorm caused a mudflow to hit Kizil-kala village in Khuroson district of Tajikistan's southwestern Khatlon province. Two young boys were killed and over 1,500 people were affected. The mudflow damaged the local infrastructure and affected the livelihoods of the population. Storage buildings, stocks for cooking/heating, cooking utensils and bedding/clothes of most affected households were damaged or destroyed. (IFRC, 22 Apr 2014)

Heavy rainfall caused flooding and flash floods on 10 and 11 May 2014 in Khatlon province in the south of Tajikistan and in the northern region in Gonchi district of Sughd province, affecting at least 1,072 families (5,360 people). Around 425 people lost their homes and have been temporarily sheltered in kindergartens, mosques, at their relatives and in neighbouring villages. (IFRC, 16 May 2014)