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Tropical Cyclone Hellen - Mar 2014

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Cyclone tropical
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In northern Mozambique, the weather system that would eventually become Tropical Cyclone Hellen caused heavy rains between 23 and 27 Mar 2014, affecting an estimated 1,929 households (9,645 people) in Cabo Delgado Province. Most affected households moved in with host families, and only the most vulnerable households – around 170 in total - were placed in accommodation centres. The Humanitarian Country Team provided 400 tents for immediate shelter for families whose houses were completely destroyed and 100 tons of food to cover the needs of those affected (including host families) for a period of 1 month.

Comoros had already experienced days of heavy rains by the time Tropical Cyclone Hellen passed 100 km south of the island chain from 27 to 29 Mar. A total of 18 villages on Anjouan Island were hit by the subsequent floods, with 1,234 households (a total of 6,788 people) directly affected. On Moheli Island, 24 villages hit were by rains and winds and 457 households (2,723 people) recorded damage to or destruction of their homes and crops. The Government of Comoros declared a regional emergency on 2 Apr. An Emergency Cash Grant of US$61,200 was provided by OCHA to address the most pressing needs.

Hellen made landfall over north-west Madagascar on 31 Mar as a Category 1 Tropical Cyclone. It continued to weaken as it crossed a section of coastal area and exited back into the Mozambique Channel on 1 Apr. Twelve people died when their boat capsized, and in total 2,141 people were affected, 1,736 displaced and 437 houses destroyed. Furthermore, over 3,900 ha of rice fields were submerged, and damage to infrastructure reported. (OCHA, 27 May 2014)