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South Sudan: Floods - Aug 2014

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Starting in July 2014, flooding caused by seasonal rainfall started to worsen living conditions in displacement sites in parts of South Sudan. By 31 Jul, large areas of the Bentiu Protection of Civilian Sites in Unity State were under water. (OCHA, 31 Jul 2014) As of 15 Aug, over 68 per cent of the estimated 1.3 million people displaced within South Sudan were sheltering in flood-prone sites. In addition to Bentiu, displacement sites in Juba (Central Equatoria) and Malakal (Upper Nile) had also reported flooding. (OCHA, 15 Aug 2014) Due to the floods, malaria represented over 26 per cent of deaths recorded in health centres and displacement sites between 18 and 24 August 2014. (OCHA, 28 Aug 2014)