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Fiji: Dengue Outbreak - Mar 2014

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By mid-March 2014, Fiji's Ministry of Health had confirmed 11 deaths and over 10,000 suspected cases in a dengue outbreak, which had started in November 2013. The Australian Government donated AUD 750,000 to the Fiji Government to purchase medical supplies and support a public health awareness campaign. The People’s Republic of China donated USD 50,000. The Government is running a campaign to remove mosquito breeding sites in Suva. (OCHA, 17 Mar 2014)

By April, there were over 20,000 suspected dengue cases and a total of 12 confirmed deaths (WHO, 8 Apr 2014).

By the end of May, the number of new cases had decreased steeply since the week ending 31 Mar from 1,576 to 389 suspected cases in the first week of May. The cumulative figure since November 2013 stood at 25,300 suspected cases. (Govt, 16 May 2014)