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Guinea: Measles Outbreak - Feb 2014

Types de catastrophes

Periodic measles outbreaks occur in Guinea with the last outbreak in 2009, which had 4,755 cases with the region of Conakry being most affected. In 2013, there were 215 cases with 54 confirmed as positive. In cases collected in December 2013 and early January 2014, the outbreak crossed the epidemic threshold in several regions with 143 suspected cases with 38 confirmed positive. (IFRC, 1 Feb 2014)

UNICEF and the Government started a massive emergency campaign to vaccinate over 1.7 million children in an effort to stop the spread of measles throughout the country (UNICEF, 11 Feb 2014).

By the end of March, 4,689 cases and 11 deaths had been reported (UNICEF, 28 Mar 2014).

A mass vaccination campaign reached over 1.7 million children (IFRC, 28 Jul 2014).