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Typhoon Nari - Oct 2013

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Typhoon Nari (locally known as Santi) hit the northern Philippines early on 12 Oct 2013, killing 13 people and affecting more than 200,000. More than 43,000 people (or 9,000 families) were displaced, some living with host families and others in evacuation centres. More than 16,500 homes were damaged. Bulacan province suffered extensive damage from flooding, with several villages submerged and rice and vegetable farms damaged or destroyed. (OCHA, 13 Oct 2013).

Nari, the 11th storm to hit Viet Nam this year, made landfall in Danang and Quang Nam areas with a Category 1 level on 15 Oct, causing severe and extensive flooding between 15-19 Oct in the three northern-central provinces of Nghe An, Ha Tinh and Quang Binh. 27 people were killed, and over 96,000 houses flooded. As of 25 Oct, the water had receded from the flooded provinces. (UNCT, 25 Oct 2013)

After Vietnam, Nari moved over central Lao PDR and eastern Thailand, weakening, but still producing heavy rainfall. In southern Lao 65mm in 24 hours were measured on 15 October and 97mm in the north. In Thailand, where 21 provinces are already suffering from floods, 50 to 100mm of rain in 24 hours were measured in numerous places in the eastern parts. (ECHO, 16 Oct 2013)