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South Sudan: Measles Outbreak - Sep 2013

Soudan du Sud
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A total of 43 suspected cases of measles were reported in Malakal County in South Sudan's Upper Nile State since August 2013, according to the Upper Nile State Ministry of Health and WHO. A mass measles vaccination campaign was launched targeting over 31,300 children. (OCHA, 29 Sep 2013)

The ongoing displacement caused by the violence that broke out on 15 Dec led to an increase in measles cases and deaths. By February 2014, 522 suspected cases and 77 related deaths had been recorded in IDPs camps. (WHO, 4 Feb 2014) By the end of July, 2,054 suspected measles cases were reported from nine states (WHO, 8 Aug 2014).

The measles outbreak peaked at the beginning of 2014 with the highest peak occurring in week 3, followed by a decline with subsequent shorter peaks in week 5 and 13. This trend was attributed to a series of reactive measles vacination campaigns conducted to contain the outbreaks in UN House, Tongping IDP camp, Bor, Yuai, Lankien, Cueibet and in Thol Payam, Nyirol County in Jonglei State. (WHO, 14 Dec 2014)