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Yemen: Floods - Aug 2013

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Torrential rains have triggered flash floods in several parts of Yemen. The storms and heavy rainfall began on 14 Aug 2013 and intensified for about one week, damaging homes and roads and inundating agricultural land. More than 23,500 people in eight governorates were affected and almost 40 killed. Those affected include around 12,000 IDPs in Al Mazraq near Haradh in the north, where heavy rains washed away more than half of the shelters in Camp 1 and Camp 3. (OCHA, 4 Sep 2013)

By 16 Sep, the number of affected people had reached 50,000 people as heavy rains and flooding continued in southern and central regions. Assessment and response activities are continuing in the flood-affected areas. Humanitarian agencies have so far assisted nearly half of the people affected.(OCHA, 16 Sep 2013)

By the beginning of October, the rains had reduced, and in the north, the early phase of the emergency had ended, including in IDP camps at Al Mazraq in Hajjah Governorate. But in the south, 18,000-20,000 people still required assistance after the water supply in Jayshan District of Abyan was damaged. (OCHA, 5 Oct 2013)