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Lao PDR: Floods - Aug 2013

République démocratique populaire lao
Types de catastrophes

Unusually heavy monsoon rains, exacerbated by tropical storms, caused widespread flooding in more than 60 per cent of the Lao PDR from late June through August 2013. The situation was also exacerbated by passing typhoons Jebi and Monghut, which brought further rainfall to the region.

On 16-19 Sept, a tropical depression crossed over Lao PDR bringing prolonged heavy rainfall to four districts in the south, which suffered the worst impact of the floods. It is recorded as the worst flooding in the south of the country in the last 35 years. On 30 Sep, Typhoon Wutip hit Viet Nam and moved in over central Lao PDR.

It was estimated that over 350,000 people were affected by floods throughout the country. The floods also caused massive damage to transport, infrastructure, education and agriculture. Over 15,000 hectares of rice fields were damaged and thousands of livestock killed. Seven bridges and nearly 1,200km of roads were damaged in addition to irrigation systems, latrines, wells and reservoirs. More than 60 schools were reported to be damaged, with the loss of equipment and books.

As of 6 Nov, the flood waters in affected provinces had receded and the situation was expected to continue improving. (IFRC, 6 Nov 2013)