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Central African Republic: Measles Outbreak - May 2013

Disaster types

Starting in January 2013, measles outbreaks were reported in several regions of the Central African Republic, notably in the towns of Ngaoundaye, Abba and Carnot, Begoua and Mbaiki, in suburbs of the capital city, Bangui. From January to April, 63 cases were reported in Bangui alone. Large population movements from rural areas to Bangui due to insecurity increased the risk of a large-scale outbreak. (IFRC, 16 May 2013). Humanitarian partners carried out a vaccination campaign in Bangui in May, followed by another campaign in the interior of the country in July (UNICEF, 22 Jul 2013). By October, measles outbreaks had been reported almost everywhere in the country, with at least 600 confirmed cases. According to the Health cluster, 15 out of the 22 health districts were affected. A vaccination campaign started on 4 Oct. By the end of November, UNICEF and its partners had vaccinated over 500,000 children between 6 and 59 months, 68 per cent of the targeted number (740,000). (OCHA, 29 Nov 2013)