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Central America: Dengue Outbreak - 2013-2014

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Dengue cases in Central America increased by 75.8 per cent compared to 2012 as of 3 Jul 2013 (WHO, 3 Jul 2013).

By 1 Sep, 60 deaths and over 150,000 cases had been recorded across the region. Mexico and Costa Rica recorded the highest number of cases with 77,351 and 28,732 respectively. Honduras reported 19,038 cases, El Salvador 15,557, Nicaragua 13,322, Guatemala 3,691 and Panama 473. The highest number of deaths was recorded in Mexico (33), followed by Honduras (17), Nicaragua (4), Costa Rica (3) Guatemala (2) and El Salvador (1). (ECHO, 11 Sep 2013)

By the end of 2013, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua had all recorded more than twice as many cases as in 2012.

By the end of 2014, compared to 2013 the number of cases had decreased significantly in Costa Rica and Nicaragua and slightly increased in Guatemala and Honduras. Honduras, however, reported only half as many severe dengue cases and the number of deaths had dropped from 29 to 5.