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China: Floods and Landslides - Apr 2013

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In late April 2013, heavy rain began to trigger floods and landslides in southern China. (Xinhua, 30 Apr 2013). Since then, 12 provinces have been affected, the worst being Henan, Hubei and Shandong. The UN reports nearly 2.8 million people have been affected and national authorities are responding to their needs. (OCHA, 3 Jun 2013)

Typhoon Soulik hit China's Taiwan Province on 13 Jul, killing two people. Three people were killed in Guangdong Province on the mainland. Ongoing heavy rains are affecting the provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan, in the south; Henan, in the central part of the country; and Shaanxi, in the northwest. 43 deaths have been reported in Sichuan and 26 in Shaanxi. (OCHA, 15 Jul 2013)

In early August, the worst flooding in decades has hit the provinces of Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang in north-eastern China, with 65 reported deaths across the three provinces. In Liaoning, 800,000 people have been affected, 100,000 evacuated and 113,000 hectares of farmland damaged. (OCHA, 19 Aug 2013)

Trami, the 12th typhoon to hit the mainland China in 2013, made landfall in the coastal areas of Fuqing in Fujian province on 22 Aug (IFRC, 23 Aug 2013). Rainstorms brought by the typhoon swept Zhejiang and Fujian provinces, affecting 1.4 million people and forcing relocation of more than 351,000 (Xinhua, 23 Aug 2013).

On 9 Oct, ten people were killed and five others missing in Wenzhou city when Typhoon Fitow brought rainstorms to east China's Zhejiang Province. The typhoon affected 7 million people in 11 cities in Zhejiang. (Xinhua, 9 Oct 2013)