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Congo: Cholera Outbreak - Apr 2013

Disaster types

The heavy downpour of 17 and 18 Nov 2012 caused widespread destruction of the drainage system, overflowed wells and latrines as well as stagnant water in Pointe Noire, the second largest city in the Republic of Congo. A few weeks after the flooding, the first cholera case was recorded, and the numbers of cases and deaths continue to increase. As of 6 Apr 2013, 15 deaths and 656 cases had been registered. (IFRC, 12 Apr 2013)

As of 26 May, cumulative cases stood at 1,036 and 16 fatalities. Although the number of new cases is falling, the incidence remains high and new outbreaks have been reported particularly along the border with Angola and Cabinda. (IFRC, 13 Jun 2013)

In late July 2013, there was a stabilization of cholera cases, with a halt in cholera-related fatalities in the community (IFRC, 3 Dec 2013)