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Serbia: Floods - Feb 2013

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Heavy rainfalls accompanied with hail and thunder in the Pčinja District of southern Serbia on 25 Feb 2013 caused flooding in several cities. In Bujanovac, about 60 houses were flooded and about 100 people evacuated. In Preševo about 50 homes were flooded, without evacuation of vulnerable families, while in Trgovište an emergency situation has been declared. (IFRC, 28 Feb 2013)

Heavy rainfall in Kosovo on 14 Mar lasted for more than 24 hours and many villages in several municipalities were flooded as a result, the majority of them in rural and poor areas. The flooding caused damage to houses and personal belongings, causalities in livestock, damages in agricultural land and equipment. There are shortages of food and other essential goods. 890 families were affected and 81 evacuated. (IFRC, 18 Mar 2013)