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Namibia: Floods - Mar 2013

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Heavy rains and rising river levels in the Zambezi River catchment since early January 2013 caused flooding in the Caprivi region, inundating community houses, infrastructure and crop fields. A total of 4,000 families (17,600 people), including 4,527 school children, were identified to be at risk of flooding if the situation continued to unfold. As of 11 Mar 2013, up to 2,500 families (11,000 people) were identified as most vulnerable in the flood plains of Caprivi region and were evacuated to camps supported by the government. (IFRC, 16 Mar 2013)

As of early May, the Zambezi River was no longer rising, but there were still about 12,000 people in the 13 relocation camps in the Caprivi Region. People are expected to leave the camps around July and August when the flood waters have subsided completely. (New Era, 8 May 2013)