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Tropical Cyclone Haruna - Feb 2013

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Cyclone tropical
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Tropical Cyclone Haruna made landfall over the south-west coast of Madagascar on 22 Feb 2013 as a powerful category 2 cyclone. Before hitting Madagascar, Haruna vacillated for seven days in the Mozambique Channel, bringing above-normal rainfall to the western coast of Madagascar. More than 230% of normal rainfall was recorded between 10-20 Feb over the districts of Morombe and Taolagnaro. As of 7 Mar, the cyclone had caused 26 deaths and affected over 40,000 people; around 2,000 people were still displaced. (UNCT, 7 Mar 2013) By the beginning of April, flood waters had receded, temporary shelters had been closed and displaced families had returned to their homes (IFRC, 30 Apr 2013).