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Mozambique: Floods - Jan 2013

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On 12 Jan 2013, the Mozambique authorities declared an orange alert due to heavy rains. Small-scale flooding resulted in nine deaths and affected over 18,000 people throughout the country. (UN Resident Coordinator, 20 Jan 2013)

On 22 Jan, an institutional red alert was declared by the Disaster Management Coordination Council. By 20 Feb, at least 113 people had been killed and over 185,000 people had been temporarily displaced by the floods. (UN Resident Coordinator, 20 Feb 2013) The institutional red alert was lifted on 12 Mar. Although weather conditions had improved, and affected populations had returned with the closure of temporary centers, there was still a need for humanitarian assistance. (UN Resident Coordinator, 20 Mar 2012)

The initial Response and Recovery Proposal issued in January sought $30.6 million to enable humanitarian partners to support the Government in addressing the needs of 150,000 flood-affected persons in Gaza Province for the period of six months. As of 24 Apr, a total of $19 million was contributed, covering 97.8% of all the humanitarian relief needs. However, only $4.3 million was received to cover early recovery activities. The Consolidated Early Recovery Strategy and Needs Assessment Report issued in May sought US$ 11.7 million for addressing early recovery needs for 140,000 people for a period of three months, from 30 Apr to 30 Jul, and to support long-term resilience building.