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Typhoon Bopha - Dec 2012

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Typhoon Bopha passed to the south of the larger islands in the Palau archipelago in the early morning of 3 Dec 2012 with winds of up to 250 km per hour, damaging and destroying buildings and infrastructure. The President declared a state of emergency. (OCHA, 5 Dec 2012)

In the Philippines, the typhoon, locally known as Pablo, made landfall three times as it passed through northern Mindanao, central Visayas, and Palawan on 4 Dec, affecting over 6.2 million people. Over 210,000 houses were damaged or destroyed. On 12 Feb 2013, the death toll stands at 1,146 with a further 834 people reported missing. There are still 8,925 people staying in evacuation centers, while 925,412 displaced people are seeking shelter elsewhere. Over 230,000 houses were damaged or destroyed. (OCHA, 12 Feb 2013)

On 10 Dec, the Government and the Humanitarian Country Team launched the Bopha Action Plan for Response and Recovery, which was revised on 23 Jan 2013 seeking $76 million, a 17 per cent increase from the $65 million originally requested. (OCHA, 25 Jan 2013)