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Typhoon Son-Tinh - Oct 2012

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Cyclone tropical
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Son-Tinh (Ofel) made landfall as a tropical storm in the Philippines on 25 Oct 2012, killing 27 people and destroying almost 200 houses (Govt., 29 Oct 2012). On 27 Oct, more than 15,000 people stayed in 97 evacuation centers (Govt., 27 Oct 2012).

After gaining typhoon strength, Son-Tinh hit Viet Nam on 28 Oct. A total of 11 people were killed or are missing as a result of the typhoon. A further 90 people were injured, 55,680 houses were damaged, and more than 95,000ha of paddy rice and cash crops were damaged. (UN Country Team, 1 Nov 2012)

The typhoon also killed one person and forced around 126,000 people to be relocated in south China's Hainan Province (Xinhua, 29 Oct 2012).