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Hurricane Sandy - Oct 2012

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The eye of Hurricane Sandy made landfall near Kingston on Jamaica on 24 Oct 2012 and struck Cuba the next day.

In Cuba, over 194,767 homes were damaged and another 32,521 were destroyed, leaving thousands of people in need of shelter solutions. 11 people were killed. (IFRC, 12 Apr 2013)

In Haiti, the hurricane killed 60 people and significantly damaged critical infrastructure such as roads, schools and hospitals. 1.8 million people have been affected, and more than 18,000 homes have been flooded, damaged or destroyed. (UN News, 2 Nov 2012)

In the United States and Canada, dozens were killed as a result of the storm, and hundreds of thousands of residents from New England to North Carolina were ordered to evacuate their homes and seek shelter (ECHO, 30 Oct 2012).