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Chad: Floods - Aug 2012

Types de catastrophes

Heavy rains in early August 2012 caused flooding in many parts of the country. In the Rig Rig district in the Kanem region, buildings, food stocks, and crops were damaged and 220 houses were destroyed. Around 3,000 people were in need of shelter. In the Sila region, more than 13,000 households were affected, and the flood blocked major humanitarian supply routes. In Guera, about 850 people were in need of emergency support. Floods were also reported in many areas of N’djamena, the capital. (OCHA, 19 Aug 2012)

By September, the floods had affected 466,000 people and killed 34. 96,000 houses were destroyed and 255,000 hectares of crops flooded. (OCHA, 24 Sep 2012)

After the end of the regular rains in September, more flooding occurred because of the rising of river levels in October and November, following strong rains in the south. The situation stabilized with the progressive subsiding of river waters in December and January. The majority of the affected populations returned to their homes. Overall, about 700,000 people were affected by the 2012 floods. (OCHA, 31 Jan 2013)