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Pakistan: Floods - Aug 2012

Disaster types
Flash Flood
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Heavy to intense monsoon rains caused widespread loss of life, livelihoods and infrastructure across southern Punjab, northern Sindh and northeastern Balochistan from early August 2012 onward. (OCHA, 14 Sep 2012)

As of 8 Oct, 5 million people, 14,270 villages and 1.1 million acres of crops were affected by flooding. Almost 270,000 people wee housed in 478 relief camps. More than 465,000 houses were damaged. (OCHA, 9 Oct 2012)

As of 8 Nov, parts of Balochistan and Sindh were still under water. Almost 160,000 people were housed in 117 relief camps. More than 1.3 million people needed safe drinking water, sanitation, health services, continued food and agriculture assistance. (OCHA, 8 Nov 2012)