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Niger: Cholera Outbreak - Jun 2012

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As of 24 Jun 2012, 2,023 cases of cholera and 52 deaths had been registered, compared with 474 cases and 20 deaths in June 2011. The region of Tillabéri (Tera, Tillabéri, Kollo, Sai districts), which hosts refugees from Mali in several camps, was the most affected, with 2005 cases. The regions of Niamey, Dosso and Maradi had reported 18 cases including four deaths. (UNICEF, 25 Jun 2012)

From late August through September, 41 cases of cholera were reported from three villages in Burkina Faso's Sahel region, close to the Niger border, with 25 cases reported among the Nigerien population and 16 among the Burkinabe (UNICEF, 27 Sep 2012). In October, 77 cases and four deaths were reported; in November the numbers decreased to 10 cases and no deaths (UNICEF, 30 Nov 2012).

By the end of 2012, Niger had recorded 5,285 cases and 110 deaths, compared to 2,434 cases and 57 deaths in 2011. Tillabéry remained the most affected region with 4,792 cases and 87 deaths, followed by Tahoua with 471 cases and 18 deaths. Not a single case/death was recorded since January 2013. (OCHA, 6 Feb 2013)