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Congo: Munitions Depot Explosion - Mar 2012

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On 4 Mar 2012 a fire caused a series of explosions in the arms depot of the Congolese National Army in Brazzaville resulting in the devastation of the surrounding neighbourhoods and 246 deaths, up to 2,200 people injured, and the displacement of an estimated 13,800 people (IFRC, 26 Mar 2012).

Until 15 May 2012, about 10,000 people were spread in nine shelter sites. At the beginning of June, the number dropped to about 5,000; but their living conditions remained precarious. To improve the conditions, the government decided to prepare three new sites and close seven ones that were below international standards. By the end of February 2013, only two sites remained, housing 1,863 people. (IFRC, 31 Mar 2013)