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Kazakhstan: Floods - Feb 2012

Types de catastrophes

Quick snow melting and plentiful precipitation at the end of February and in March 2012 caused floods in the South-Kazakhstan region – the most densely populated region near the border with Uzbekistan. By 11 Mar, the floods spread to nine districts of the region (out of 11) affecting the population of more than 100 settlements. More than 3,820 evacuated people (660 families), who cannot return to their houses, found shelter with their relatives. According to the reports of the Ministry of Emergencies, 2,029 households and 14 public buildings (including three schools and four hospitals) were flooded in total. As a result, 14 houses, 28 outbuildings and 31 bridges were totally destroyed; 81 km of roads were washed out; 85 houses and 197 outbuildings were severely damaged and made uninhabitable. (IFRC, 3 Apr 2012)